Monday, October 2, 2017

How to make a bracelet from items found in MC Home Depot

While going through the internet for topics to blog one day, we came across a list of items you can make yourselves out of common material found in a hardware store. So we decided to see if we could do some of the things we found on-line. So here’s the first one: Bracelets – and bracelet like items – based upon items found in MC Home Depot.


  • 1 meter of Flat cord – though as you can see from the above picture, we did experiment with different types of cord and materials. The length will also be up to you and dependent upon how flexible the rope is.
  • At least 10 nuts from a bolt and nut set, along with their washers.

STEP 1: Create a loop and seal it with a “Snake Knot” Of course you are welcome to try and use other knots and braids but we found the “Snake Knot” to be the most effective. To make a Snake Knot, form a “U” at the center of your wire as shown:

STEP 2: Take the left wire and loop it around the right wire, but don’t tighten it as shown.

STEP 3: Take the right wire end and loop it under the left wire, but don’t tighten it as shown.

STEP 4: Thread the right wire through the loop formed by the left wire:

STEP 5: Gently tighten till it’s fixed and maintains the loop as shown:

STEP 6: Repeat five times – this is an optional step, you can go straight to adding the nuts or repeat as many – or as little – times as you want.

STEP 7: Add the nuts to each wire:

STEP 7: Seal the nut in place with a snake nut.

STEP 8: Repeat till you’ve used up all your nuts or until desired and seal the other end with the same number of Snake Knots that you did at the beginning.

STEP 9: Add a washer to the open end.

STEP 10: Add the washer to lock the bracelet. The washer will also be used to adjust the lock length.


You can do this as well with different material and for different purposes. Check out the Carabiner lanyard key-chain we made as well but using polyester rope:

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